Mocc Socks started in 2010 because men didn't have an option for no-show socks. Sure, they could steal womens' peds, but they'd rip them before the day was over. Sure, they could brave the elements and go sockless, but they'd empty a room with a simple shoe removal. So we created a sock to defend against sweat, blisters, and the ridiculing eyes of people who know ankle socks are all but extinct. Our mission has always been simple: let guys show their style without showing their socks.

You can wear Mocc Socks with Toms or wear them with Tod's, just don't get caught ridin' dirty.


Our Guarantee: We're confident we offer the best fitting men's loafer sock on the market. However, if they don't fit your foot to your liking, we're happy to refund your purchase. All we ask is that you try out just one pair from your order. Return the unused pairs for a full refund. You're welcome to wash and dry the one pair as well to see if it enhances the fit before deciding.